August 4, 2011

Trusting and Forgiving

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We’ve been told that we must learn to trust; yet in our life experience there seems to be enough of heart wrenching betrayals that leave us wondering what trusting others and trusting ourselves really means.

With all the good intentions, things happen sometimes.  The trouble may lie in our expectations that we expect that our trust batting average must be 100%.  No one bats 100% on anything!  Yet every betrayals and wrong decisions eclipses our confidence in others and our ability to trust.

So, what’s an acceptable trusting batting average?  Maybe for those people who are super successful, it is not that they have never been betrayed and lose, but they just kept moving until they ended up with someone trustworthy?!  They didn’t bother dwelling on the past
failures and the feelings of betrayal, they just keep moving and seeking until they find their trustworthy tribe.

It takes forgiveness to be able to move on and move forward.  Every time we stopped and licked our old wounds and talked about our “lesson learned”, essentially we are shackling ourselves back to the old wounds and those old betrayals.   Rather than letting go and moving on, we hold on to them like the biggest treasures in our lives that we must hide it deeply, never forget and remember to take it out to re-examine and “admired” periodically.   It’s no wonder that we are living a life filled with fears, false boundaries and we don’t seem to make any progress; just reliving, recreating the wounds over and over again.  Kind of like the movie “Ground Hog’s Day” isn’t it?

Trusting and forgiving is like the palm of a hand and the back of a hand; one cannot exist without the other.   As it is bound for us to trip over many times in our lives in trusting ourselves and trusting others, learning to forgive is like learning to releases the toxins injected into us by the betrayals and failures and apply healing agents to heal ourselves.  Just like any cuts and bruises we get from time to time, the cuts and bruises eventually needs to heal to allow us to continue functioning properly.  Without healing, there can be no trusting again.

Forgive starts with a clear realization that “whoa, whatever is lost is lost; I accept it.  Any more time, pain, suffering and brain power I continue to invest in it would be continue feeding more lost than what I already lost.  Why?!!!”.  When we stop picking on the wounds, wounds heals.   Whether we decide to continue dealing with the person who betrayed us is irrelevant in the forgiveness equation.  I would even venture further to say that whether we choose to be compassionate toward the person who betrayed us are also irrelevant.  Someone deserves another chance; others don’t.  We are responsible for our choices; we are responsible for the future hurts or benefits resulted from our choices.  New wounds might get formed again, but they are not the old wounds.   New benefits might get formed too and they have nothing to do with the old wound either.  Just by forgiving and letting go, we declared an end to an old entanglement.  We allow the positive energy to flow again and creates a space to trust someone or something again.

In the forgiving equation, the only person we absolute need to continue dealing with is ourselves; walking away from ourselves is not an option.  Maybe that’s why forgiving ourselves and moving on is often the hardest one to achieve.

How do we trust ourselves that we will not put ourselves in “danger” and lose again?  The truth of the matter is that as a human, the chance of us failing at something again is almost guaranteed.  Yet, the most valuable difference between others and us though is that we cannot control and change others, but we can absolutely control and change ourselves! So, rather than keep trying to prevent ourselves from ever fail or betray ourselves again, trust can be built base on increasing our own ability to learn, to adjust and competently maneuver ourselves out of a terrible situations.

While we often remembered countless times where we failed and betrayed ourselves, how often do we take the time to remember the countless other times we got ourselves out of a terrible jams and near disasters?!! Yes, there are always going to be something in hindsight we wish we have never gotten involved, but our live is not over yet.  Unless we already declared ourselves un-trainable with zero ability to learn and grow until the end of our live,  perhaps we deserves more faith in believing in ourselves that at the end of the day we will create more win than lose in our life time?

July 21, 2011

Love vs. Loving

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Everybody likes to talk about love, but very little people actually want to talk about being loving.  Can one really truly love when the actions are consistently unloving?

I started this inquiry by looking for the definition of loving on the internet.  Interesting enough, other than getting something general like: Feeling or showing love or great care, I don’t see anything remotely describing the specific of what the acts of being loving means.  More precisely, most articles and definitions go into the details closely associating loving as result of love.  But is love really necessary to being loving toward another? Or vise versa; are those people who love by default practices being loving toward their love ones?

Base on my observations and my own experience, I actually don’t think love translates to loving.   As matter of fact, I have seen enough people who appear to truly love another, yet their actions and words consistently hurt another to know that this is not true.  I believe while love is a state of mind, loving is a way of being and a habit.

As a habit, through watching how people around us act, we learned to treat people a certain way and talk to people a certain way.  A trained loving person doesn’t “think” about needing to act lovingly just as an unconscious harsh person doesn’t “think” about needing to act cruel; they just do.   A loving person seems to have a natural tendency of finding something kind and encouraging to say even in the worst of a situation vs. most other seems to have a kin ability to find something negative to comment on regardless how great a situation may be.  A trained loving person naturally have the habit of treating people around them with kindness, respect, courtesy,  generosity and compassion instead of the habit of showering people with their righteous critiques, negative name calling and harsh tones and voices.   A loving person also seems to have a constant awareness of the power of their words and their actions and the impacts their words and action may have on others.  They consistently choose to use their words and actions wisely as a tool to connect rather than a weapon to dominate,  justify and destroy.  When they are
around, there is an undeniable sense of gentleness, warmth and a safe space where people feel they are accepted and understood.  It is no wonder that people love to hang around them!

So why do some people who love able to also consistently act lovingly yet most others who love found themselves consistently act cruel?  When I took a closer look, it seems love have nothing to do with it. Rather, it depends on whether we are properly trained
and whether we have a loving role model that helps shape our habits of interacting with others or not.   For the lucky few who have been taught, demonstrated and learned through their environment to practice being loving, it has become their personality; they are able to treat people lovingly regardless whether they know them well or not; for the most trained one, in many incidences they didn’t even have to like the person to be loving toward them!  This is profound!  For the rest of us, we were left to figure it out for ourselves.  Without actively discovering and re-creating our habits, most of us end up acting and reacting just like our parents and our close environment; monkey-see; monkey do.

I wish I can say I am a trained loving person; but I can’t.  As matter of fact while some parts of being loving comes naturally to me like respecting others, being courteous and not calling other negative names, I really struggle with being generous and being compassionate sometimes.  It’s easier to resent and withhold then to forgive and be generous.  While I am able to tone down and reduce my habit of being righteous through years of retraining, I still catch myself getting irritated when people don’t do what I
suggest.   I admire those who have learned and master the art of being loving toward everyone.  Not only I want to be like them; I want to be around them (for the obvious reason).

As I continue to catch myself and retraining myself, I hope one day I will also be able to declare myself a master at being loving and attract more loving people into my life.   Even though, I failed many times, I’m not giving up.  It just seems more exciting to learn how to be a person who lives and breathe giving lights to others than someone who by default adding darkness into others’ live. Isn’t it?

February 17, 2011

Journey to find a hiking boots that fits

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Ever since I decided to start hiking again after many years of not hiking, I’ve seem to have a hard time finding a hiking boots that fits me.  I’ve tried every single possible pairs at local REI; I’ve consulted with endless “experts”.  Inevitably, the hiking boots I end up choosing would crunch my little toes and/or shaft the top of some of toes, or cause endless problems for me after a few miles of hiking.

Following are brands I have personally tried and failed:

  1. Merrill
  2. Keen
  3. Montrail
  4. Vasque
  5. Garmont

 Thanks to REI’s generous return policy; I returned quite a few pairs until I felt so embarrassed and guilty that I decided to just stick with the last pair I got – a Vasque women’s 6 wide leather hiking boots. 

 I was very hopeful that this pair will work for me.  But as usual, after a while, it was causing me problems in different areas of my foot; most noticeably the skin around my little toes gets all rubbed, red and tear.   I cannot believe it. Are my feet really that wide?! In any case, I wore it to Mt. Whitney anyway; I had no choice.  But see the picture below on all the tapings I had to do on my feet before I can wear the boots.


 This year, I decide to give finding a perfect boots another try.  This time around, I decided to really learn and analyze my own feet first.  Following is what I discovered:

  1. REI measured my feet as size 5.5, width: B (regular)  –  Humm I’m not a wide?
  2. Oh, I’m mistaken my need for volume as I need wide shoes; big mistake. High volume feet DOES NOT EQUAL to a wide feet.
  3. My feet might swell to close to a C after a lot of walking, so roomy toe box helps.
  4. I have a narrow heel. (As most women’s feet do)


Now, knowing more about my own feet, it started to make sense why some of the shoes I tried before wouldn’t work for me.  For example, I mistake my needs for volume for needing a pair of wide shoes.  So, I bought Keen.  Yes, Keen shoes probably have the widest toe box I’ve experienced.  Yet, why do I still feel the rub?  After consulting with REI specialist, I realized, Keen shoes are actually considered a low volume shoes.  The Last is wide (fit size D) but low volume.

 I found, for the most part most of the women’s hiking boots at my local REI seems to leaning toward lower volume or having Last that don’t really suit women’s feet that well.

 Since I’m out of options, I ended up having to turn to online stores for possibilities.  The problem with online stores though is that it is a MUST that I try the boots on for fit; yet I would hate to have to pay for return shipping if a boots that doesn’t fit.

 Thanks to, they have fairly big selections of hiking boots and they have the free, no hassle return policy.  After some research, I decided to order a pair of Garmont sitka XCR because from what I can tell, people are raving about Garmont’s roomy toe box.

 I was excited to try my Garmont on after it arrives.  Yack!  My little toes still feel “something”.  How can this be?  After some adjustment with the laces, it seems to feel better.  OK, I’ll give it a shot.  Humm, “something” is just off for me.  A little pinch on the toes; some pain on my sheen,…  After trying the shoes on for 3 consecutive days, I sadly had to declare that Garmont won’t fit me either.  Back to square 1.

 Half discouraged, I went back online and read some more on other options.  I stumble on some articles written about Salomon have shoes that is designed and made specifically for women.  Their Last is different than most other shoes because many hiking boots vendors’ Last are really design more for men? Can that be the issue?  I ended up ordered Salomon Mission GTX at  I figure why not?  I’m out of option.

 So, the shoes came.  Wow, this is different.  Immediately, I see the boots has a shape of fairly roomy toe box (not wide but higher in volume), yet has much narrower heel.  I put my feet in them.  I don’t feel pinched on my toes yet I feel my heels really stay in place.  Since the soles for these shoes are pretty stiff, I figure it will still need some break-in period for my feet to get use to the boots, but now I am hopeful again that I may finally found a pair of hiking boots that I can really love.

 Treading carefully this time, I made sure I wore my Salomon in the house for few days; then I took it to my brother’s house and try walking stairs with it before I took it to a local trail (Once I wore it on the trail, I can’t return it).  I started with just a couple miles, and then I went up to about 5 miles; so far so good.  I am really happy that I found my Salomon!  It’s the best fitting hiking boots for me so far!  I am totally ecstatic that my over 2 years of searching are over!

 The biggest lesson I learned from this experience is that in order to find a hiking boots that really fit us well; we must first understand the shapes of our feet.  Without knowing our own feet and the proper terminologies, we can be asking the wrong questions and therefore getting the wrong answers from the experts.

 Also, it’s important not to settle; there is a right pair of shoes for us, we just need to be patient and keep trying different pairs until we find it.   Online shopping is a great option because it would be difficult to find a store close by that carries all brands.

 Finally, do not buy shoes that are too big thinking that would solve your fit issue; it won’t because the arch won’t be in the right place to give you the right fit. Remember wide shoes doesn’t equal to high volume shoes, so watch out and keep looking.

October 29, 2010

My Alice, beautiful on her wedding day!

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July 14, 2010

One of most sinful thing we can do is being insecure

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From time to time, there is this pit in the stomach type of feeling that seems to be reminding us that we are in danger, something “bad” is going to happen to us, or a sick feeling that we are being “attacked”, “looked down on”, “laugh at”,….It seems that everything directing at us are negatives, criticisms, chipping away any sense of our own worthiness.  We get sad, we get afraid, we get angry and we want to fight back and really give it to those who put these feelings upon us.  How dare they?!!! They are our enemies and we must destroy them.  Right now! 

Does this sound familiar?  The fights we end up having with our loving one, the one we care; at that moment they don’t seems like our love one; they are our enemies and they must be DESTROYED.  Well, most often, we don’t mean destroyed physically (although, in some case it seems to go that extreme), but we will muster all of our know-how to destroy their self-esteem, their accomplishments, their sense of well being and worthiness just like how they appear to be doing it to us.

So, what doe these sounds like?  People at war!  Yes, it all starts from that tingly feeling of insecurity and inferiority we felt about ourselves well within inside of us.  As people, we go to war with people around us base on it.  As a nation, we go to war with other nations base on it. 

That appear seemly innocent seeds of insecurities and lack of confidences really are not as innocent as we make them out to be.  From insecurity, people become jealous of others.  From insecurity, people become paranoid of everything that is said to them. From insecurity, people become envious of others and dissatisfied with what they have.  Insecurity in reality is a powerful destructing energy that disguises itself as a weak, powerless, victim like character.  It gave us righteous reasons to do what we do and say what we say even though for the most part it served only to destroy rather than to heal; it serves to break people apart rather than unite.   The world is where it is because of this collective insecure energy within us.  Inside of these insecurities, everything that is said and done is interpreted as bad and/or insincere.  Inside these insecurities, every neutral intentions and well attempts gets interpreted as conspiracies to destroy.  There are no trust, no hope, no love; just measures and counter measures; the sign of struggling and surviving; not living.

When the moment of our live turn dark and despair,  rather than lashing out and defend, perhaps it’s better to remind ourselves to take a deep breath and check-in to see whether it’s our own demon called Insecurity that is nudging us to do a  foolish thing and say something destructive that we are destine to regret.  It is good to be reminded that our loves one are not our enemies, so stop treating them like one.  The feeling of insecurity comes from within us and NOT from them.  It’s up to us to learn to let go of our own insecurities and embrace our own worthiness day by day and minutes by minutes.  We need to always ask ourselves this question:  If the other person truly having such an ill intention toward us, having such a low opinion of us and/or is as bad of a person as we said they are, then why do we still hang around with them?!!!  What story are we perpetuating here?  If they are truly bad, it is time for us to leave; that would be the courageous thing that we must do to support our own well being.   If they are not truly as bad as we said though, then why are we not protecting, respecting, cherishing and loving them?  What permission are we giving ourselves that we truly have no rights of in ways of how we treat another person?

As a human, we are not mean to be perfect; however, as a human we have infinite capacities to reconcile and bring more lights into our lives and other’s lives.  It all starts from the awareness that our insecurities kills.  It is our responsibilities and NOT other’s responsibility to manage our own demon within moments by moments.  While being a human, we will feel insecure.  It is like weathers, we will get showered on from time to time.  Like dealing with weather, aside from acknowledging and accepting this humanness within us, there is NOTHING we need to do with this insecurity.  

It is amazing to realize that when we stop feeding our own insecurity by acting out from it and respond or react to it in anyways, it stop dominates our live.  Insecurity comes and insecurity goes, before we know it, our focus shifted, our energies changed.  We are no longer so addicted to the dramas that generated from insecurities, instead we have more room to experiment, play and engage with our live.  We no longer need to worry about what other people think, do or said as much.   People are going to think, do or said what they are going to think, do or said.  It really doesn’t impact us until we let it impacts us.   While as a human, it’s difficult to not allow anything to impact us, but even if we only raise our own awareness by 1 % and choose to be secure in the face of our tendency to be insecure just one more time than before, collectively we would have changed the landscape of our life and our environment drastically for the better.  So, is it going to be war or peace?  We choose.

June 30, 2010

Are you problem solving your relationship or creating your relationship?!!

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Lately, I am experiencing a lot of tensed relationships around me.  I often wondered how a relationship ends up where they are now.  I am certain that people didn’t decide to marry someone so they can torture each other, tear each other down, criticizes each other and destroying each other’s self esteem.  However, it seems that very often that’s how a marriage ended up.  It’s no wondering that comedian Dave Spade equated marriage like going through the Japanese game show “Wipe out”. Once a while we see one person flying through the obstacle course with ease and grace; most often though, no matter how one tries, we see one quick wipe out after another.

So what are we doing in a relationship that seems to aggravate more than nurturing? What are we not seeing what we are doing that’s causing such turmoil in our live and the live of the one we claimed we love so much that we married?

I just read a book called “The path of least resistance – Learning to become the creative force in your own life” by Robert Fritz.  It got me asking: humm, are we problem solving our relationship or are we creating our relationship?  What’s the difference anyway? 

While the book started kind of slow and the book seem to end on a tangent, I really appreciated how the author clearly distinguishes the difference between creating and problem solving.  He pointed out the importance of having a clear understanding of knowing whether we approach live predominately with problem solving orientation vs. creative orientation.  He further pointed out the pitfalls of mistaking problem solving for creating. 

For most of us, we choose to be in a relationship and we choose to be married.  We choose the person we are in relationship and we choose who we would marry.  In essence, we created our relationship and we created our marriage.  I love what Robert Fritz said about creation.  “The only reason you would create anything is because you LOVE IT ENOUGH to see it exist! “  For any other reasons, we are merely problem solving.  So, if we really sit down, thinking about and reflect, maybe when we thought we “chose” and “created”, we actually went into a relationship or married someone to solve a problem?!!! Perhaps, it’s is our lack of understanding of the difference between creating and problem solving that is tripping us up in life and in relationships?

Moreover, we may have further our own demise when we confusing our wants from our needs.  It is most certain at least for most of us in a free society that relationship and marriage are like a piece of timeless art or music, we really DON’T need to be in a relationship nor be in a marriage to survive. We created our relationship and our marriage just like artists created their art and the composers created their music because we love it enough to see it exist and the creations enriches our lives immensely beyond our basic needs. 

When we hold on, going into a relationship or staying in a marriage with the mistaken notions that we need it, or we are obligated in some way, we essentially killed our possibility to create in these realms; instead we committed our relationship and marriage to endless problem solving and surviving.  If we found our relationship and marriage end up to be merely an exercise of problem solving and surviving rather then endless opportunities to create, perhaps it’s a clear signal for us to stop what we are doing and considered that we may have went off the road and miss the point somewhere.  Rather than continue to slug it out in miseries or just give up, maybe we need to seriously reflecting on where we went off course in the first place?

What I love about learning the realm of creation is that from time to time when a successful artist realized what they are working on clearly won’t fulfill their vision, rather than keep trying to fix what’s clearly not working, they have the freedom to throw away what is not working for them and start over with a blank new canvas.  The vision didn’t change but the approach maybe drastically different.   In the realm of creating a fulfilling relationship and marriage, the opportunity is also there to wipe the slate clean and start over with the same person (the same vision).  However, this is only possible when we clearly know what we want, clearly choose what we want, be willing to be brutally honest with ourselves on our current state of affair so we know how far we are from our vision and where we went off course, dump all of our old resentments and baggage and start over again. 

I am not saying wiping the slate clean and start over is easy to do; I wouldn’t say that it is too hard either.  It’s not easy because it takes courage to face our reality (what it’s so) without pointing finger at anyone or anything.  It’s also not easy because in order for us to face our reality clearly without dramatic smoke screens, we need to train ourselves to let go of our precious ego (or false pride) continuously.  On the other hand, it is not that hard either because when one got clear of what is truly more important to them in their life (creating a fulfilling and peaceful relationship or creating countless trophies that show everyone that “See, I’m right! She’s an irresponsible bitch!” or “See, I’m right! He’s a big ass, no good jerk!”), the mind can switch in a second and actions follows it can changes drastically.  I know it’s possibly because I’ve seen it done over and over by people who found clarity on issues that have troubled them for whole life.  I’ve seen people change their life course just like that; in a second; with clarity!

From reading Robert Fritz’s book, I have a renew hope.  It is possible for all of us to create a great and fulfilling relationship that enriches our life more than torturing our live.  For those who may be struggling, confused, resigned and angry with their current state of affair in their relationship and in their marriage, perhaps it is time to revisit every choices they have made along the way; even the original decision to get into the relationship or the marriage in the first place.  The opportunity to wipe everything clean starts with revisiting these choices and re-choosing them separately and together as a team.  All is well even if upon revisiting that you found the original choice and decision was a mistake; if you had to do it all over again, you would not choose each other.  All is well because this time around, regardless whether you choose to stay or go, you would choose and take a stand for your life out of clarity and nothing else.  If you stay, the team you created with each other would be a totally different team than you created out of a totally different reason.  This time, you will give your relationship and marriage an honest chance because it will come from a place where you brought to existance only because both of you love it enough to see it exist and live on.

May 11, 2010

To Alice, with Love

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What  is it that makes us create such asses of ourselves when what we really want is to be champions?  What within us causes that wrong turn, leading us to become idiots instead of the heroes we strive to be?  Well, in my case, pride.

Once again, I find myself recovering from a stumble.  No, not a stumble, an outright face-first fall.  I let my pride get in the way of my responsibility to my best friend.  There’s no excuse for it, plainly.  You’d have thought by now, I’d have learned that needing to be right is no substitute for actually being right.  Hurting someone I am supposed to protect is my prize for standing by my failed reasoning.

The truth is that she is the real hero and I’ve known that since we first met.  She has endured so much from me and I honestly don’t know how or why she does.  I thank God for her, but still I fail to take every opportunity to treat her like the wonderful, powerful treasure she is.

I ask her to forgive me for being an ass and an idiot and a fool.  I can’t promise I won’t ever be these things again, but I can promise to learn to kick myself when I am.


January 30, 2009

Recommended courses – A letter to Fred

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Hi Fred,

It was great catching up with you yesterday.  I am very excited to hear that you are in a reflect-growth cycle of your life. 

Every situation came into our life to provide an opportunity for us to learn something about ourselves and facilitate our growth;life has a funny way of keep repeating it selves until we learn the lesson it is intended.  So, from that perspective there are no victims and all is well.

I considered the following courses in Great Life Foundation and Landmark Education gems; I think they will truly propel you into gaining even deeper clarity of who you really are and how you want your life to turn out. GLF’s courses are priced comparable to Landmark curriculum, but it requires you to fly to Salt lake city, Utah;  Landmark Education’s Wisdom course is a year-long course that open only once a year and it’s pricier.  Both serves great purpose to open very important aspects of your life up and they truly complements each other very well.

Through out the years, I have recommended these courses to many people that I really care.  Most of them choose to honor their “reasons”, staying in their comfort zone, and keep complaining their life don’t work the way they like to.  In some way, I begin to understand that for many people,  living a “familiar” life is actually more important to them than living a “great” life.  There is nothing wrong with choosing either one; the only misery really comes from one’s lack of clarity of what they really want and live a life pretending they want a great life but in reality they really just want a familiar life.

Anyway, there is a price to be pay for anything in life.  My recommendations will neither be convenient, nor comfortable and it definitely take some time, money and commitment, but if you truly believe that you are worthy of having a great life for the rest of your life, NOTHING should stop you from taking the necessary actions right now to help you get there.   The question is really are you willing to do whatever it takes to create a great life for yourselves? For most of us, this journey starts with discovering: what is a great life look like anyway?!!!   If the answer is yes to whatever it takes, then the choice of what you need to do next should be clear. 

Following is the website to the Great Life Foundation:

I highly recommend their part 1 (Awakening) and part 2 (The Brilliance within); part 3 to me is optional

Following is the website to Landmark Education’s wisdom course:

Finally, another course worth a honorable mention is Landmark Eucation’s Self-expression and Leadership course.  This course is especially challenging for all my Chinese friends (including myself) because of our culture and upbringing. But, if you are willing to stick with it and repeat it by coaching it, something truly opens up 🙂  So, this would be another course I recommend you get back around taking it after the GLF and Wisdom courses.  But, the GLF course and the Wisdom course are truly important and valuable tools that will help us get deep at healing our self-worth issue and gain clarity within. So, I would highly recommend you take them prompto.

I’m truly excited and really looking forward to seeing your taking yourself to another level in life.  Please let me know when you signed up for these courses, so my fiancé and I can support you.  (My fiancé Robert for GLF courses).

Take Care,


May 15, 2008

Learning from one of the greatest wise man – Gandhi

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Below is the link to a wonderful write up about the great insights from Gandhi’s top 10 fundamentals for changing the world.  Incredible wisdom;  definitely worth reading and reminding ourselves to follow Gandhi’s lead to a much more empowered life!  Enjoy the reading! ??? ????

April 17, 2008

The gratitude Campaign

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I got the information below from a friend.  What a great idea!  I thought rather than just using the jestures to show gratitude to those hard working military personnels, why not extending to everyone you meet that you like to say thanks but felt too awkward (especially those that are close to you? ;-))?  Our world can really use some good vibes all around.  🙂

Here it goes:

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